Why a referral service?

  • With thousands of therapists in Boulder County, it is easy for people seeking therapists to get overwhelmed with the process. They don't always know who will be right for them without wasting time and money
  • Research shows that psychotherapy 'works' when the relationship between client and therapist is trusting, reciprocal, and comfortable.
  • Therapy is not a 'one size fits all' process - even gifted therapists will not meet every client's needs
  • Therapists do their best work when working with clients who match their skill set, and style
  • Clients often don't follow through with seeking psychotherapy because they don't know whom to see, and don't have a trusted referral source
  • If a client sees the wrong therapist for their needs, they often get discouraged with therapy in general, and give up on it working for them
  • Therapists often waste their time and energy on clients that aren't a good fit for them
  • When therapy helps a client, it promotes the 'brand' of psychotherapy in general, which helps clients have faith, and therapists keep busy doing the work they love

About Full Circle Referral

FCR is a service dedicated to helping clients and therapist meet their match. This service was created to meet a need in our community. Everyday, people make the tough decision to go to counseling. Often, once they've made that decision, they realize they have an even more difficult choice to make; who to see! While it is wonderful that there are 1000's of therapists in Boulder County, it can be overwhelming, expensive, and time consuming to navigate the choices. Sometimes clients want to keep their search private, or don't know who to ask for help in deciding whom to see. FCR knows that the match is essential to therapy being successful, so this choice of whom to see becomes paramount!

FCR has built a network of many qualified therapists with diverse skills and personalities. Even a gifted therapist won't be right for everyone. It is important for the client to feel comfortable as they enter into the therapeutic relationship — each client has different needs and preferences and each therapist has different skills and styles. FCR builds the referral network personally, so that referrals can be made based on many different factors- location, cost, style of therapy, gender, insurance needs, and skill set of the therapist. All therapists in the network have been personally interviewed, are licensed in the state of Colorado, and have solid reputations in the community.

Therapists DO NOT PAY to be included in the FCR network.

About the Founder

Holly Jensen Widmar is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has been in the field of mental health for over 17 years. She has a thriving private practice in Louisville, CO. Holly is honored to be a psychotherapist and values the work of clients and psychotherapists, alike in the process of therapy. She is passionate about the benefits that 'good therapy' can have in people's lives, and works hard to promote these benefits in the community. Holly's primary goal in creating Full Circle Referral is to help clients find the right therapist for them, knowing that this is crucial in clients meeting their goals.