Client FAQ

Question: How can FCR find the right therapist for me?

Answer: FCR has developed a large group of therapists with a broad span of skills, styles and personalities. The match between therapist and client is a primary factor in therapy working. By asking questions and listening to your answers, we match you based on your preferences, goals, and logistical needs. Whether you've been to counseling before or not, we help you to consider variables that often can be predictors of a successful counseling experience. Therapy is not one-size-fits all, and your particular situation and needs should determine the right counselor for you.

Question: What if the match isn't a match?

Answer: If, upon meeting the referred therapist, you and/or the therapist do not feel it is a match you are invited to call back and we can try to fine tune what we missed. Obviously, this is not a perfect science, but we will strive to work with you until you find a rapport with a great therapist that will meet your needs and preferences.

Question: Do therapists pay to be in the FCR network?

Answer: No! It is FCR's goal to have the best and brightest therapists, representing a wide variety of skills and expertise. We do not want to limit this network, by having therapists pay to participate. Many local groups or websites charge therapists to be listed. There is nothing wrong with this, per se, but FCR wanted to approach it differently. Therapists advertise and/or are listed in various directories so that clients can find them in order to stay in the business of helping clients - they pay for these services. FCR wants to represent as many highly qualified and talented therapists as possible, so that there is a wide choice when selecting the right therapist for each client. Therapists do pay a one time fee once matched with a client. It is important for the client to know that FCR designed the service to help both clients and therapists be successful. FCR has no motivation to match clients with one therapist over another - they all pay the same referral fee. FCR's only agenda is to make successful matches, and that is how this service will succeed, by building a solid reputation that does not have a conflict of interest in recommending therapists.

Question: Is there a charge for this service?


The service is free for clients. FCR realizes it can be intimidating and confusing to decide whom to see for their needs. Counseling is an investment in itself, and it can be de-motivating and discouraging to spend a lot of money on the search for the right therapist. You want to get the right help right now, and you shouldn't have to pay for that!

Question: How long will it take to be matched?

Answer: After calling FCR and having a short, confidential conversation with the owner (a licensed mental health practitioner), it will generally take about 1-3 days. After speaking with you, FCR contacts potential appropriate therapist(s) for you. After confirming the therapist's availability and interest, FCR will call you to give you the contact information. FCR can assist you with setting up the appointment, or you can take it from it there. We will always call to let you know the status of the recommendation if it is taking longer than 1-3 days for some reason.

Question: What should I look for in the right therapist for me?

Answer: There are a few logistical concerns that you should consider: location, cost, etc. You should also think about your issues and goals that you hope to reach. Does the therapist have expertise/experience in these areas? Other things to consider: Do you prefer a male or female therapist? Does age of the therapist matter? What is their style? Are you looking for straightforward talk therapy, or do you want other methods utilized or available? Do you prefer a certain theoretical framework? The main goal is that you can relate to this person, and that you feel that they understand you and you understand them. Communication style and trust are important factors. You should grow to feel comfortable with this person, as you will be allowing them into your personal story and sharing vulnerable information. It is a sacred trust and respect that should begin with a good match! Therapy can be intensely personal and vulnerable- you want to take this journey with a person you feel comfortable with, and that you can talk to if issues come up for any reason.