Benefits to Clients

  • Free
  • Helps narrow down the overwhelming amount of therapists in Boulder County, so that clients will find the right therapist for their unique situation without a long search
  • The relationship between client and therapist has been identified as one of the primary factors in therapy "helping". Finding the right match is essential to counseling working
  • Saves time, energy, and money by identifying your needs and finding the professionals in your area, fee range, and skills that you require

Client Steps

  1. Client calls Full Circle Referral 303.956.3296
  2. Short and confidential conversation with a licensed therapist in order to determine client needs and preferences, and answer any questions about the process of psychotherapy
  3. FCR works to find the right match and calls therapist to determine availability
  4. Within 1-3 days, FCR calls client to give information about the therapist who will best meet client's needs
  5. Client calls therapist to start getting the help they want