Therapist FAQ

Question: How do I participate in the network?

Answer: Fill out an application, schedule a short in-person interview in your office, and sign an agreement for membership. There is no cost to be included in the network, and it is not exclusive. We hope you have many avenues to reaching your ideal clients. We want good therapists to prosper and keep doing the great work they love!

Question: Do I have to pay to be included?

Answer: No. There is no charge to be included in the network. The only fee is when you are matched with a client that you have personally considered when FCR calls you with a potential match.

Question: Is this the only network I can be in?

Answer: Of course not! We encourage therapists to market themselves in any way that feels right for them. Our goal is to promote the brand of psychotherapy, and help people find the right help for them.

Question: I don't pay for referrals. Is this ethical?

Answer: In our profession, we often provide referrals to colleagues or associates in other fields. It would not be ethical to charge for these types of professional referrals. FCR, however, is a service. The referral is provided to the client free of charge. For the therapists, it is like belonging to a professional guild or being listed in a directory- all of which you pay for. Some referral services charge for a portion of every session you have with the referred client. (Yikes) The difference is, that you do not pay to be in this network. We have built a strong group of professionals with varied expertise and styles. Only when you get matched do you pay a fee for that opportunity to get a client you may not have normally received. We advertise to let clients know about us, but with FCR, you are only paying once you get results. If there are any more detailed questions about this topic, please feel free to contact FCR. We'd be glad to talk with you about the uniqueness of the model. It truly is win-win for both therapist and client.

Question: How will you know a client is right for me?

Answer: By meeting you and getting to know your skills and style and by identifying the client's needs and preferences, we feel confident that we will send you clients that are a good fit for you and your practice. I have been in the field of psychotherapy and mental health for over 17 years and have come to value the match between practitioner and client as the most valued component in success. We will also call you to discuss any potential referrals so that you can help determine if the client sounds like a good fit for you. This is a much more personalized search than most directories or services can provide.

Question: What if I meet the client and discover I cannot work with them for some reason?

Answer: In this case, we would ask that you let the client know as soon as possible, and that you inform FCR. We would like to have the opportunity to find the client a therapist that will be a better fit for them. There is no charge in this case, as long as the client is immediately (no more than 1 session) referred back to FCR.

Question: I only want to be referred a certain type of client. Is that okay?

Answer: Of course! Our goal is to help you to find the kind of client you have the most success with. On your application, you can be very specific about the type of clients you would prefer. You also have the chance to further clarify a good fit, when FCR contacts you with a potential client. This is a great way to build your niche, or tailor your practice- particularly since there is no charge to be involved. You are only paying when you get results.